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Camping Lipno Modrin

Camping Lipno Modrin

4 Sterne


Welcome to Camping Lipno Modrin, an ideal place to spend a pleasant holiday by the Lipno lake. The camp is 1 km from the town of Lipno nad Vltavou...

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Region des Monats Champagne-Ardenne

Champagne, a bubbly nature

Very few regions are linked to a specialty like the Champagne area is. As soon as the name is mentioned what springs to mind are sparkling wines with golden bubbles. It might hold a privilege rank in the area,but Champagne is not about not seeing the wood for the trees in this part of France dotted with lakes and woodland, where the Seine and the Marne spring from. Once you have visited the caves, climb on your bikes or put on your hiking shoes to (re-) discover the many facets of this region that go hand in hand with nature.

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